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New Years Resolutions

Welcome to the 2017 year. To bring in the new year, a ritual in our home is to clean, organize and de-clutter before theView full post »

Spark Joy

Joy. It is a feeling we need to fill ourselves with each day. It is understandably hard to do everyday, as we all haveView full post »

Brunch : The Weekend

Brunch is a great way to have a get together on the weekends. They happen later in the morning with a casual feel, View full post »

The Farmers Market

Planning a weekly adventure to the Farmers Market is a ritual many enjoy. Especially in the summer. The Farmers MarketView full post »

Oatmeal Mornings

Oatmeal (or porridge) as been a staple in homes for thousands of years – since 1000BC, and today over aView full post »

Rituals of Pleasure

We know the world is a busy place and getting busier. Our challenge is to slow down and enjoy the moment. To achieveView full post »

Morning : Daily Rituals

It was Beethoven, who roused his creative muse by splashing water all around his flat every morning to start theView full post »

Sarah’s Biscuits

Sarah Murphy-Kangas from In Praise of Leftovers has a wonderful morning tradition she shares with her family and friendsView full post »