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A Marriage Journal

A routine or ‘ritual’ in a marriage is very important. It reconnects us to the intimacy of these sacredView full post »

A Coffee Date : Friday Night

Sweethearts, spouses, and parents Ashley and Gabe Rodriguez found themselves deep into marriage and child-rearing whenView full post »

France Living

France is a country with endless beauty and inspiration. From the history to the culinary arts, it is a country to learnView full post »

Camp Memories – Summer Series

Summer Camp. In the beginning, it is a place that can be unknown and uncertain. Sometimes with thoughts of excitementView full post »

A Summer to Remember – Summer Series

It is the start of the summer. The start of lazy days, flip flops, sticky popsicles and water sprinklers. With the startView full post »

Midsummers Nights Feast

In Sweden, midsummer is an occasion. It is a time when the sun never sets and everyone escapes from the city to enjoyView full post »

Mushroom Hunting

It was always delightful going on a hunt for mushrooms in the pastures and fields of the prairies. As a child, it wasView full post »

Strawberry Pickin’

Katie Stratton is a girl from Ohio, raising two little ones,  Max and Phoebe or “bee” along with herView full post »

Easter Time 1966

Linda Hundt established Sweetie-licious Bakery Café in 2002, as a home-based business, selling her fare at farmView full post »

Easter Baskets : Interviews & Stories

The history of the Easter Basket, actually has pagan roots. Ancient farmers depended on their livestock and crops for aView full post »

Home Cooking

My father was a farmer and my mother spent her time being at home with the children in the early years and went off toView full post »

Mimi & Oddur : Interviews & Stories

Mimi Thorisson and her Icelandic photographer husband, Oddur, live in Medoc, France with their four children. Mimi hasView full post »

The Importance of Tea

Tea. The relaxing three letter word that brings either solitude or togetherness. Many rituals are centered around tea, View full post »