The Tradition Tree is a movement. It is about awareness, connection and the root of what is most important in life.

It is about family and friends. The time we spend with them. The meaningful moments of our gatherings. The daily activites of events, holidays and celebrations. How we make and do things. How we live. And the understanding of our pastimes, histories and cultures that bring us into who we are.

As time passes, these gatherings and activities can become rituals and traditions. These rituals and traditions allow us to connect with each other and enrich our everyday lives. We are all about connection and we all want the same thing – to be loved, have joy, experience happiness and grow a life full of meaning, moments and memories. We want you to take the time, as…


This is a place to ground yourself… to slow down and reflect.

This is a place for inspiration… to learn about stories, the importance of time with each other and our surroundings.

This is a place for understanding… of how we all try to be different, but yet all are the same.

This is a place to observe life… to watch how uncomplicated it can be and value simplicity.

This is a place to be grateful… of nature, our environment and our loved ones.

This is a place to start… your own connection and raise awareness of true happiness… love… and joy.


Thank you for being here!




Kristen Shima, the founder and creator of The Tradition Tree, resides in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada. She has been a photographer for 17 years, with an 11 year photography business, along with her family of three children and her husband. Over the years, Kristen has learnt many life lessons working with people by observing, listening and studying. She wishes to contribute The Tradition Tree as a creative personal project to connect with the authenticity of real stories and real people in a documented form about what ties us all together.

“I observe our world and life acts really busy. We are pulled in so many directions. We are connected, but yet so disconnected. Starting with the industrial revolution… now the digital revolution. This makes it a harder time to find ourselves within this chaos and be in touch with living our lives authentically. I believe we are thirsty for real living. It is not about things. It is not about power. It is not about ego. Yes, this is somehow wired in our DNA… but I think that is our greatest test as human beings to overcome.”

 “It is about bringing life back to what is meaningful… stripping away to reveal the basics and live simply. Even if we need to knock down our ego and become vulnerable. It is how love grows. With that, the importance of customs, rituals and traditions can be discovered and embraced to find your joy and reconnect with life on a more valuable level.”