Wedding Dress Up : Friday Night

The wedding dress. It is an icon for the big day, but the day goes by so fast and in the end, this brilliant gown is stored away forever. But, it does not have to be that way.

These dresses represent a moment in time that reflects style, personality and fashion. Each year, the traditional white wedding dress changes. And throughout every decade we see it more clearly.

The white wedding dress comes to us straight from the Victorian era—in fact, from Queen Victoria herself, who was married to Prince Albert, 175 years ago. When she chose white silk-satin for her wedding, the choice was almost as iconoclastic as it would have been for Catherine Middleton to walk down the aisle in scarlet.

Red was in fact a very popular color for brides in Victoria’s day, but the young queen broke with the status quo and insisted on a lacy white gown. Members of the court thought it much too restrained in color, and were mystified that she eschewed ermine and even a crown, opting instead for a simple orange blossom wreath.


As an evening of fun and entertainment, gather a group of your girlfriends to have them bring their wedding dress. With each dress, you can start the night by laying out each one, then guess who’s dress belongs to who. Once the judging is done, have the dresses in a room for each friend to go into and come out wearing their dress. The further into your marriage you are, the more interesting the wedding dresses become. It will be a wonderful time to spend with your girlfriends as part of your ritual get-togethers.




Photographer: Elizabeth Messina




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