Cooking Class : Friday Night

The smells, clatter and chatter in a kitchen gives us the sense of love and soul in a home. Being in the kitchen and making meals is what also fuels us and brings us together.

As part of being together, gather a group of friends and introduce a monthly or seasonal cooking class at home, as a Friday Night tradition. We have a diverse cultural background of friends, so it is wonderful to learn how to make interesting meals from Pad Thai dishes to Sushi.

Speaking of sushi, we have plans to learn the art of making sushi at our next Cooking Class. It is a lost tradition in my husbands family, and we wish to keep it alive, so we have invited a family member to teach us the techniques.

Choose a favorite dish you enjoy creating and have each couple or individual rotate to teach how to make their chosen dish. At the end, a delicious meal is made, enjoyed and… hopefully recreated.




Photography: Sneh


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