The Community Table

It will soon be the start to a fresh new season… spring. With spring comes living outdoors and spending more time out in the open with our communal gatherings. With being inside for part of the year, it is an exciting time to start planning for the warmer weather.

We love having community gatherings in our backyard as part of our traditions and rituals during the warm months. We enjoy great food and conversation by being outside to enjoy the atmosphere. So… our plans are to start working on the outdoor projects as soon as the weather turns. One of those projects is creating an extra long ‘community or gathering’ table.

We will be taking reclaimed barn wood from our family farm property used over a few generations. This is very was important and special for us. By creating a table from this wood, it will carry meaning to our little family.  When sharing dinners around this table with our friends, we will also be celebrating with our ancestors that came before us as we have a piece of our history shaped from them.

This is a simple idea if you wish to used reclaimed wood to create a community table of your own.






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