Ice Cream Run

Ever think of doing random or out-of-the-box traditions? These silly traditions can be anything you want them to be. The idea behind them is that they are fun, memorable and meaningful by bringing each other together. It is a special experience that occurs anytime throughout the year.

Isn’t that what life is about?



“My favorite tradition as a child is “ice cream runs”. On a school night my mom would tuck me into bed, turn out the lights and pretend to go to bed too. Then ten minutes later she would come barreling into my room, flick the lights and scream “ice cream run!” The whole house would get up and go for sundaes in our pajamas. I’m definitely going to keep this up when I have kids!”  – Ashleigh


“We had these too, only it would be about an hour after we fell asleep and it varied from ice cream to donuts to candy or what have you… but my parents always barreled in screaming “JAMMIE RIDE!!!!” (because we were all in our one piece pajamas)

“Man, I miss jammie rides… such good memories.” – Jennifer





Photography: Maggie




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