Staycation : The Weekend

Slow down and take in your local surroundings with a staycation. A staycation is a little overnight or weekend getaway in your own town or city. It can be a fun idea to be adventurous and to be a tourist in your own area. It can really open your eyes to what you may of missed actually living there.

Staying overnight at a local hotel to enjoy the pool, hot tub and other services along with bringing in pizza for the night can kick start your staycation. Plan a small activity list of ideas for the weekend to check out the places you have not ventured before. Who knows what you may discover!

We have done this in our family a couple times a year and is always a hit. It is a nice break from the routine and the drive to our destination is ideal. We book a hotel for the night, plan a pool and pizza night and have a movie in the room after. The next day we get breakfast and check out a local museum, shop or park.





Photography: Chelsea Foy


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