Soup Fridays : Friday Night

In the cold winter months, it is nice to warm up to comforting foods, like soup. Soup is a hearty meal that can have a lot of great variety. There are thousands of recipes to create from. It can also be paired with many types of biscuits, buns, salads and sandwiches to complete the heartfelt meal.

With a small circle of friends, we have the tradition of Soup Fridays during the cooler seasons like Fall or Winter. Each of us rotate the Friday among us to enjoy our soup dinner at. We try having the group in close proximity to each other to walk or plan a short drive to due to winter weather conditions.

We have fun with making soups from simple recipes to elaborate ones. From favorites to exploring ethnic and cultural recipes in other countries.


It is a fun and simple way to enjoy a good meal, give each other a break from cooking and enjoy awesome friends!





Photography: Molly Yeh




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