Making resolutions for the beginning of the year has been a tradition since Babylonian and ancient Roman times 4000 years ago. Since then, there have been many resolutions made. Resolutions are goals with intentions to improve and grow.

For myself, I only work with a couple resolutions for the year. Professionally and non-professionally. It helps me focus and change my habits for the best. Last year was to de-clutter and organize the house, along with my business goal of cultivating my authentic self through my work. As a result, my resolutions were successful and I hope to continue to improve by being mindful of my developed habits.

This year, my personal resolution is learning about finance. Things like stocks, real estate, pension, taxes, etc. To start, I will be looking to join a local finance club. My other resolution is social media.  To grow in the professional side, social media is necessary and I will be more focused on it.

To help you with your resolutions, try this list:


  1. Pick one to a few realistic resolutions to focus on.
  2. Take baby steps – make it a tiny habit each day.
  3. Have a vision and clear goals.
  4. It is normal to make a mistake or forget. Acknowledge it and move forward towards your goal.


“After working way too much last year I am trying to concentrate on what is good for my body again. I would love to start hot yoga and cook more meals from scratch.” – Celine

“Mine is to appreciate what I have more and to live in the present! AKA putting down the phone…” – Alicia

“One of mine is to not be so negative and look on the bright side.” – Trista

“To be more mindful of the little things in life, more thankful and more confident.” – Lana

“Oh, I’m a huge procrastinator. My main goal this year, is to doing things boldy and whole heartedly because I think half hearted efforts only return mediocre results!” – Darlene

” To be healthier, manage stress better, stay organized and plan ahead when possible. This is my first year writing them down, so I’m hoping that will help make it easier for me to stick to them!” – Katlyn

“I will work to remove unneeded stresses from my life! I began by moving to a new apartment, donated clothing I haven’t worn in ages, de-cluttering my space, and going at my own pace of life.” – Stephanie





Photography: Bar Rucci


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