Secret Pockets

For a child, it is a precious and innocent time. Little imaginations soar with creativity, invention and curiousity.

We nurture our children by sparking wonder. To dream big. To keep the magic alive. To have grand adventures.


As part of the fun to embrace childhood for our children, one of these little wonders can be to have clothing with secret pockets. A few items of clothing can be made to have little pockets sewed into them on the inside, outside or both. From dresses, skirts to shirts, the idea is to make it special.

Keeping tiny objects in these secret pockets will have your child feel like a Cheshire cat. As a twist, on the occasional laundry day, you can fill a couple pockets with notes and little surprises.

It will soon become a favorite ritual item to wear in their wardrobe. So make sure you have a few!




Photography: Yellowpelota


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