Life vs. Live

Life is a heavy and powerful word. A life is full of experiences with ups, downs, corners, twists and turns.

Live is another strong word. To live. To be alive.

Reflect on these two words for a moment as we look around our surroundings and ourselves.

And ask this…


What do I do to live… and… to enjoy life?


For many, it is about making a lifestyle to suit them and creating experiences though relationships, travel, family, etc. Enriching your life and making it full by finding connection through experience. A part of making experiences is having traditions and rituals.

This is the purpose of The Tradition Tree. To be used as a tool or resource and to start traditions of your own and for your family. To embrace a special ritual to set your path of meaning, fulfillment and purpose.

Traditions, customs and rituals are foundations to creating experiences, making connections, having moments and becoming full of life to LIVE.


Find some inspiration and start today, this weekend or this month. It will add value to your life and loved ones. Traditions and rituals are powerful.







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