Tis the Season of Traditions

December. It is the fullest month within the year for traditions. Centered around our favorite holidays, like Christmas, it also brings in the concentration of home, family and friends. We reflect on our values and our focus this time of year. Thus… it sets the stage for starting and continuing traditions.

It is also considered the busiest month with added activities, gatherings and outings to our regular schedules. This is the challenge. We wish to spend time and make memories with the holiday festivities VS all the work and chaos that goes along with surrounding the holidays. Understanding that we want things to look and be perfect, visit all we love, etcetera… puts a lot of pressure and expectations on us. But, keeping in check will help with the season.


How do we manage?


Simplify. Prioritize. Organize.


These are the few words I have for myself and family when preparing for December.

Simplify. It should be simple. Clear schedules as best you can to add things and activities you enjoy to do with yourselves, family and friends. Try not to over plan, but rather do a healthy amount of traditional events to enjoy the holiday.

Prioritize. Think about what is important, what you care about and adds meaning to you and your family. Center and limit your schedule to your several top items.

Organize. They say ‘organization is key’, and during the holidays it rings true. Manage a ‘to do’ list starting in November to spread and prepare for the increased activity in December.


For our family (like many others), we focus on quality time and enjoying each other. We wish to take advantage of holiday traditions and try not to overwhelm ourselves, as it can so easily be done. Practicing these three key things has helped when planning for the holidays.

So take a brief moment, review your lists and keep yourself in merry spirits to ’tis the season’ to breathe… and enjoy.


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