Kindness and Cheer

It is that time of year to spread kindness and cheer. In the same breath, it is the season that gives us a platform to look at life differently. Thinking through other perspectives, a renewed shift in our mindset can stir changes in each of us briefly or completely.

It can be a magical thing.

The spirit of the season.


“Around this time each year, we get our children to really think about someone, that may appreciate a kind thought with an action. It can be a group of people, someone they know or a stranger. They narrow down a list…. the elderly lady across the street needs her walk shoveled, a friend at school loves French fries, a cousin has a tear in their favorite stuffy, a family needs food, etc. From that list, they make a choice of who and what kindness they will perform.”

“This platform allows a ‘Random Act of Kindness’ tradition in December, for our family to slow down life, and think of others with kindness and give cheer. It also gives the opportunity for our children to gain insight, be grateful, be kind and value others.”





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