Happy New Years

When the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, it begins the New Year starting January 1st with full of optimism and possibility. It is a time to celebrate the old and the new. A time to look back at our year of growth and think ahead of the new year with fresh ideas and thoughts. New Years gives us reflection and a reset.


Merrilee is an illustrator, painter, dabbling designer, crafter, seamstress and mother of two boys and a wee little girl. Her family has a tradition on New Year’s Eve that has expanded into extended family since they enjoy it so much.


“A couple of years ago my husband and I had family in town for New Years and we decided to make our own hats to celebrate the festivities (one year we even stuck a sparkler out of the top of a hat and lit it for the count down into the new year!). We had loads of fun doing it and have since started a little tradition of hat making for each New Years Eve.”

“I laid out piles of white, pink and gold card stock and let everyone decide which color they wanted their hats to be. I then set out a number of decorative trimmings, glitter puff paints, markers, etc. and let everyone go at it.”

“I especially loved my little niece who insisted that she completely color her hat blue, as she wanted to do things different from all the others. Another niece came up with the darling idea of making hers a princess New Years hat, complete with a dangling princess ribbon.”




Another idea for New Years Eve when staying home is playing a game of the best moments, accomplishments, etc. of the year. You can make a list or a set of cards for everyone to participate. Set the room with twinkle lights, a mirror ball, horns, sparklers and of course… party hats!




Photography: Merrilee


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