Tiny Postal Service

It is the season of gift giving, and the early flow of sending cards and packages through mail to loved ones has started. Giving gifts is a surprisingly complex and important part of human interaction, helping to define relationships and strengthen bonds with family and friends.


“Every one of us makes a choice about how to give. The right start is to think about the recipient. Maybe the proud new parents need cash, not a silver spoon. An unexpected phone call, visit or letter – these too are gifts. Used well, gifts can heal an old wound, make a new connection, deepen an existing one, or reaffirm a romance. When we get it right, the gift furthers endless rounds of giving and receiving. Yes, our holiday gift giving is intertwined with commerce, but gifts have always involved mixed motives. By giving well we recognize the humanity of those around us. Their thanks are the first and best return.” – Harry Liebeisohn


It is always the thought that counts. Even if it is a ‘little’ thought.

To get creative with gift giving, it inspires us to really take a look around at the people we love. It is easier to go walk into a store and choose something off the shelf. But, to sit and really think about each individual, requires care and thoughtfulness.

As a tradition of gift giving, try something different. An idea to spark creativity and make it more personal, can be to send tiny letters and packages with Leaf Cutter Designs. DIY kits are also available. There are many ideas to be found. You just have to do a little digging. It will be worth it.


tiny-package1tiny-package28e735f28987e6dd1e84bc0c15d617408Photography: Leaf Cutter Designs





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