Surprise [Kid]nap

It is important to keep life simple and in balance, with most of our lives being in a routine and full of rituals. But once in awhile, it is nice to get a random act of kindness or surprise. We all know life can be full of surprises… it is what makes it full. So why not make it more exciting with planning a random adventure of [kid]napping?


‘Kidnap’ your child for the day.

This can be a random or yearly tradition that would be a special surprise. They can go about their routine by going to school that morning, but shortly after you can pick them up for a day out with mom, dad or a grandparent. What kid would not love that? Plans to visit the zoo, museum, visit a beach, go on a nature hike or have a special lunch or picnic can be part of the fun.

Just make sure you plan this day or afternoon with the teacher and school beforehand, by not missing important assignments and classes.




Photography: Michelle Morris


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