Monthly Bucket List

Oh, sweet November. A new month gives us a fresh outlook on our planning for the weeks ahead.  Be it either for holidays, celebrations or enjoying the season with activities.

As many of us know, our months go by way to fast… so an idea would be to look at our new month for a short moment, and start a bucket list. With the start of November, a list of complied ideas and activities can be planned to enjoy the simple pleasures of this month.

A monthly bucket list ritual can ensure each month to be filled with meaningful experiences. You will be able to see how and where you spent your time, with moments celebrated through important plans and activities.



  1. Make a Sunday brunch for extended family
  2. Go on a nature hike
  3. Visit grandparents
  4. Make muffin baskets for neighbors
  5. Go Black Friday shopping
  6. Have a bonfire with  s’mores
  7. Celebrate Grandma’s birthday
  8. Read by the fireplace
  9. Remembrance Day visit
  10. Start Christmas list and shopping
  11. Go to craft fairs with friends
  12. Make pumpkin bread
  13. Have a movie night with frozen hot chocolate
  14. Play flag football
  15. Sort through family photos
  16. Have a chili and pie tasting contest with friends and family
  17. Make mulled cider
  18. Collect pinecones and firewood




Photography: Anastasiya Belik


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