First Snow Day

Today was the day. The first snow day of the year for the snow to be high enough to stick around for awhile.  Shovels and snow blowers were out a plenty, conquering the flakes, and battling the continuous snow fall. In the meantime, every child’s eyes light up to see fun and adventure in the cold white stuff. It sets out a new playground for kids and ‘kids at heart’.

For many, a tradition on the First Snow Day is an important beginning. It officially sets the stage to the next exciting season of winter.

To celebrate the snow, here are a few ideas to get you started for inspiration:


  • Make snow ice cream or snow candy.
  • Make the first batch of ‘Snowman soup’  (hot cocoa with marshmallows).
  • Bring out a snowman cookie jar to fill with the first batch of holiday cookies.
  • Setting out a collection of snow globes marked for each year with date or crafting your own.
  • Playing music with a snow theme. (It Snowed by Meaghan Smith, etc.)
  • Simmer a pot of apple cider and gather friends and family around a fire.



Photography: Mira Stein


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