The Spooky Dinner

Bat wings, pumpkin guts and zombie brains topped with clotted vampire blood, sounds like a wonderful feast for an evening dinner. Halloween has become a celebration of spooky fun for creative ways to start traditions.

One of our events is The SpOOky Dinner. Our wonderful friends host this event for many little monsters, as an annual tradition before Halloween. Each year, we try to conjure up the grossest (but yummy) Halloween themed dish. This year I will be creating a “Specimens Chest” for an appetizer. Since presentation is key in this elaborate feast, jars will be filled labeled:

  • Cockroach paste (walnut dip)
  • Unknown parasite (pickled white turnip)
  • H. Sapiens, brain (wonton soup)
  • Bull intestine (shaped cheese)
  • Frog eyes (olives)
  • Removed from canine stomach (shaped crackers)
  • Eggs, origin unknown (pickled eggs)
  • Clotted sheep blood (pickled beets)

As our children have grown, their gross factor levels have changed. We have started out with the cute, fun Halloween dishes, but now the gloves are off for some gruesome fun. Along with the food, comes a spooky ambiance. Here is some inspiration from the Cutler Family at their annual spooky dinner.


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Photography: Amanda Cutler



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