All in a Year

Birthdays are important milestones. They are a time for reflection and a time to be grateful for another year of growth and change. As adults, many fear the thought of getting older. As children, many love the idea of adding on the years. Even adding that extra ‘half’ a year in is important.
Despite the fear or excitement of another year, a thoughtful idea can be to document your or your child’s growth. It can be a birthday tradition to write down accomplishments, discoveries, adventures and changes by each birthday. Each year is an important one… from 1 to 100. It is a special celebration of you, your child’s or loved ones.
The Zecchinelli Family has a birthday tradition to reflect on each year the day before their birthday. Kristin sits down to write down all the tendencies, favorites, milestones…. anything that reflects her child during that last year. She keeps it together with the other years, growing into a beautiful collection for her child.

what i want to remember about you at 8:

  • 8 was the year you conquered a few fears.
  • you learned how to ride your bike solo and we went on our first ever family bike ride.
  • by the end of last summer you were tackling the bigger ocean waves right along side your brother on your boogie board.
  • you cut 8 inches off your hair and donated it to pantene’s beautiful lengths to help make a wig for patients fighting cancer
  • you were ladybug girl for halloween
  • we moved into a house of our own and welcomed a puppy into our family.
  • you discovered taylor swift
  • you mastered your cartwheel
  • you dyed your hair purple… then blue… then more purple.
  • you danced in the nutcracker
  • a photo of you sledding was in our local newspaper
  • you ran for class president
  • became a great partner in the kitchen wanting to help cook and bake more
  • learned how to hand sew, needlepoint and latch hook
  • you love to draw, dance, sing, play and laugh your big laugh (i hope you ALWAYS do)
  • you still ADORE all things tiny
  • we may need an extension on our house for all your beanie boos
  • you are an amazing speller/story writer and all around student

today is your last day of 8.
i asked a few questions this morning while bouncing on your bed exclaiming today is your last day of eight!!! eight is great!!!!! (she asked me to stop bouncing)


what’s your favorite color? BLUE AND YELLOW
what’s your favorite song? SUGAR (by Maroon 5)
your lucky number is 3 
what’s your favorite food? SPAGHETTI
what’s your favorite subject at school? SCIENCE


tomorrow you wake to a new year around the sun.
happy birthday eve sweet girl.
i love you.




Photography: Freepeople Blog


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