A Happy Place

I have a special place. A happy place. A place to relax, unwind, gather thoughts, journal, read….  a place that is my favorite spot in my home. My happy place is my bed. My cozy dreamland to let the day go. I gather my most creative ideas here and helps me put the day to rest.

Many of us have a happy place we seek refuge to during or at the end of the day. It is a place that refuels us, sparks creativity and gives us emotional relief.

It is an important part of each day to visit this place. It can be a special space in your home, a place at the park, a studio, the gym… the list can go on. Once you find this place that you are happiest visiting each day… you found your special place to reconnect to your soul.


Acknowledge this place. It should be part of your everyday ritual to visit and spend some quality time at. It will give you focus, clarity, energy… but the ultimate feeling it will give you is… happiness.




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