The Library : Weekends

There is a space that is so comforting and full of interesting places you can visit every week or a couple times a month. It is a place I have visited alone, as a couple, with kids and as a family as part of a regular weekly ritual.  Every time I visit, there is something new. It is a special place that fills me.

The library is a haven for community. This shared space has a variety of activity… not just books. Recently, I discovered we can borrow video games for the kids, along with registering in a Henna workshop for a Saturday afternoon.

Libraries have been a part of our history since the start of clay tablets and papyrus, to our world today, with digital readers and apps. They provide a wide range of resources and activities to our communities.  If you have not visited your library lately, I encourage you to take an afternoon on a weekend to explore, discover and possibly start a ritual of your own with these little visits.


e0de1037d8c03e70cb88dd8165ee620cPhotography: Apartment Therapy


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