The Book Club

Beginning in the mid-18th century in England, motivated women of means and leisure began hosting salons for each other at home. These hosted salons were under the purpose for philosophy and gaining further education with male guests as speakers. These gatherings further evolved into book clubs in the 1920’s. Today, book clubs are no longer reaching for a higher level of education and society, but for community and socialization in modern life.

Photographer Kristin Rogers lives in beautiful Southern California. Kristin and her friends have started a book club that meets ritually four times a year. She shares her idea and photographs to give us inspiration.


“Many have asked about our book club, how we go about it, what books do we read, how often do we meet…etc. I wanted to share about our last book club and give you some details so you can create one of your own if this looks fun!”

“This is a book club that was created by my friend to get 12 moms together and read great literature. We all look forward to it so much and yet we keep it spaced out so the reading and planning does not become burdensome.  It is such a treat to meet with great, hard working mamas… give them an opportunity to slow down, read a book and spend a night together where we feel a tad spoiled and totally relaxed.”


Here are some random facts:

  • We only meet four times a year
  • We all pitch in money to the hosts to cover expenses
  • We keep the group small so its intimate and hosting isn’t too much work
  • We are trying to work through classic literature and who ever is hosting chooses the book


“The book club itself can be as casual or fancy as the hosts choose as long as it fits into our normal contribution budget  for each event. This one was on the fancier side but we have had ones where we can totally wear jeans, shoot, maybe next time it will be a pajama party book club. During the evening we just enjoy each other, catch up on life and for sure spend a good amount of time chatting about the book. We share, joke and get a little spicy talking about the characters, plot, writing style and pace of the book. Its so fun to hear who thought what and all their different opinions that can be formed about the same exact book! Some hosts choose to add games or activities to provoke conversation or just be fun… for this one we chose to have the ladies close their eyes and try to draw a classic silhouette! It was hilarious to see peoples finished drawing.  I always leave with a full tummy and heart. We also put together a little goodie bag for each lady to bring home.”

“Here is a glimpse into our Sense and Sensibility ( Jane Austen) book club! Go out and start one with friends!”





Photography: Kristin Rogers





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