Rainbow Leaves

With the changing of the leaves, Autumn brings in a splendor of colour to the world. For many, it is a favorite time of year for nature walks and enjoying the outdoors. Kelly with Be A Fun Mom, has 4 children and started something special in the beginning of this brilliant time of year.


“The change of season is such a beautiful thing, and I look for ways to celebrate this with the children.  Last year we collected leaves in Autumn, and hung them along the window.  This year, I thought we could collect leaves once again, and sort them in the different grading colours. I was waiting for an opportune moment, and this was it.  To have some sort of mission, a purpose, can add an extra element to fun in the outdoors.  That may be counting birds, looking for the perfect pet rock, or hunting for rainbow leaves.”

“We headed out to one of our favourite spots to explore and collect leaves along the way. Seeing my kids in wide open space like this — such beauty — does my heart good.  Such a delight! What an enriching thing to do with kids during Autumn!  It’s an activity with value and reinforces the natural wonder happening around us.  Making connections as we live: it’s good.”


“This has become a traditional thing for the kids and I to do as the leaves begin to change, early in Autumn. It always amazes me, even when I think there’s not much colour in the leaves, how many colours we find! Just take a look!  It’s such a simple, grounding and beautiful activity to do. Head to a park, reserve, public garden, or even the backyard, and hunt.”

“This is important to me: acknowledging each season for all its beauty and being inspired to create in simple ways.”


photo-152-e1427612471853Photography: Kelly


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