Daily, Weekly and Life Moments

We go throughout our day with routines and activities. Then the days turn into a week, then into a month… then a year. We look back on our time at the year and seem to think… ‘where did the time go?’ or ‘what did I do in that time?’

Life seems to pass us by without hesitation. Going through the motions even. For many, it is hard to stop to ‘smell the roses’. As human beings, it is a conscious practice for us to be in the moment, as we naturally look forward towards the future.

This is the part where traditions and rituals come into play, for you to practice and be in the moment. You may not know it, but they are very important, and come as moments into your life each day. Other than the typical holidays or birthday celebrations, we have 3 types of traditions every family should have.


The 3 Types of Traditions Every Family Should Have Together

  • Daily Connection Traditions. Daily Connection Traditions are the small things you do every day to re-enforce family identity and values. Many Daily Connection Traditions arise spontaneously from day to day life (e.g. family dinner, bedtime routines), but it requires real intentionality to develop positive daily traditions and rituals for your family. Without intentionality your daily family “tradition” can become watching TV together in the same room while everyone is staring at their own smartphone or tablet.
  • Weekly Connection Traditions. Similar to the Daily Connection Tradition, but done weekly. Could be a special Saturday morning breakfast or a weekly family game night.
  • Life Changes Traditions. These are traditions to celebrate big life changes or milestones in your family. These traditions can be something as simple as taking a yearly First Day of School picture or something a bit more profound like dedicating a new home.

Beyond those big three, you can also create family traditions that happen on a monthly basis or seasonally. Practicing daily, weekly or during the year will allow you to reflect upon the year with great memories, mark time in meaningful measurements and to count your blessings with gratitude and growth.




Source: Art of Manliness and Megan Cox


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