Bedtime Stories

Audrey Blake is a photographer living in New York. She loves bedtime and shares her story with this special ritual. Audrey captures these beautiful memories we don’t even realize we are making for both ourselves and our little ones. She loves creating a world where no one has to grow up, even if its just for a short time. She preserves Neverland and gives the gift and her time of a bedtime story.


“Bedtime stories are dedicated to the art of preserving the extraordinary in the ordinary and savoring the beautiful everyday moments in motherhood. When we create traditions both small and large we are also creating the memories our children will hold onto throughout their lives. What do you remember from your youth? Do you sing the same songs your mother or father sang to you? Relay races, bubble baths, cozy pajamas, dance parties, lovies, snuggles and bedtime reading…. whatever it is, the joy is palpable. As the responsibilities of our daily lives press on, it is vital that we keep our traditions alive for our children.” 


2015-05-30_0005(pp_w497_h332)Photography: Audrey Blake


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