10 Minutes : A Daily Ritual

Our society has changed leaps and bounds in the last few decades. It seems to have gotten faster. I know when many of us think of the ‘good ol’ days’, we think of simpler times. Well, in fact it was.

We had less distraction.

Today, society needs to actively practice slowing down.

There are many life demands each day, but daily rituals of practice bring us to our center, gives us focus and clarity to our meaning and happiness.


A wonderful resource to connect to, is the ‘Hands Free Life’ by Rachel Macy Stafford. As part of her book, Rachel has established a 10 minute daily ritual with herself to unplug and reconnect with her children or herself. She spends 10 minutes of this time to watch and interact with her children or do an activity. Her children look forward to it every day, as this is the time they are the focus and have her undivided attention. Rachel shares in her book…


“Living a Hands Free Life means knowing you’re on your true path toward personal fulfillment. It’s going to sleep at night knowing you’ve connected with someone or something that made your heart come alive. It’s investing in what really matters, knowing full well that managing life is the tendency, but living life is the goal.”

“We live in a culture where grand achievements and small waistlines are complimented … where busyness is a badge of honor … where text messages replace face-to-face contact … where day-to-day responsibilities overwhelm and downtime is extinct. People are hungry for simple ways to live better and love more because knowing how does not come instinctively nor easily in this culture of overwhelm.”

“Whether readers are just starting their journey toward a life that really matters or have been at it awhile, Hands Free Life will teach parents, singles, women, and men how to create habits that will allow them to invest in the most significant parts of their life.”


This makes me reflect on our daily time. At the end of our day, we rush getting dinner on the table to getting teeth brushed… but how much of that time is focused on spending it ‘engaged’ with ourselves, our relationships or on our children?

It truly can be hard to ‘find the time’, and startling to think to make it a practice. But it goes with anything else (like homework or a workout), an organized time frame of 10 minutes is a perfect daily ritual to unplug and reconnect.




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