Doughnut Making

Doughnuts that are freshly baked. And homemade. These two are the perfect combination.

During a few times a year on the Saturday weekend, I remember doughnut making as an event. It would be an all day process, that would result in making hundreds of these delicious sweet dough treats. At the break of dawn, my mom would make several large batches of her favorite recipe to start the dough.  The dough would then rise and start filling the air with yeasty baking goodness. That was my favorite part – the smell of the dough rising.

The dough would then be rolled out, and us kids would help with pressing circle cut outs from canning jar lids and hole centers. After another couple of hours of letting the dough cut outs rise, my mom would start the process of deep frying with a roaster full of oil on the stove. The person helping with ‘turning’ the frying dough in the oil had the most important job. It had to be the perfect colour of golden brown on each side.

Once achieved, out they came on tables, countertops and any open space for them to cool. It reminded me that it should be a Dr. Seuss scene, with what seems like hundreds of these treats everywhere scattered in the kitchen. In the afternoon, would be the first taste of this golden, crisp, warm piece of our homemade favorite. Plain or coated with sugar, dozens would be eaten to enjoy our doughnut making day.

It is a tradition I like to do once a year with my children now. I hope it resonates as much with them as it did with me.



Photography: Lady and Pups


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