Campfires & Marshmallows : Friday Night

Campfires. We all love them. Maybe it is the rustic appeal with the sounds of the crackling, warmth and coziness… or the smell of nature bringing us back to our prehistoric roots. Campfires can be calming and dangerous, which makes it a perfect balance of an extraordinary element for an evening.

Nina Nixon has a lovely blog and is a photographer, wanderer, film maker and adventure seeker.  She has a tradition and ritual shared with her family on the weekend.

“A little seasonal ritual of campfires and marshmallows always brings a smile to my heart. Normally on a Sunday night – s’mores have become a favourite treat… the round off a heart roast and nod at a delightful weekend.”

“Just one of those little things that makes us (as a family) who we are. Memories made, skills learnt… traditions passed on.”


DSC_9956marshmallowsmarshmallows 2DSC_9991marshmallow 3

Photography: Nina Nixon


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