A Summer to Remember – Summer Series

It is the start of the summer. The start of lazy days, flip flops, sticky popsicles and water sprinklers. With the start of summer, families rekindle and many traditions are started and continued. These summer memories and traditions are shared and passed down to following generations to experience the joys and slowed days of our endless hot summers.

As a mother, I try to ‘slow down’ life and give my children a memorable summer. It is a time to pull out ideas on a wish list and ‘to dos’ for day trips and adventures we can go on. I love those day trips. For us, an afternoon at a beach or a hike and picnic in the mountains are an escape to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Even staying in the backyard for an afternoon, with Marley playing in the background, sprinklers going and lounging on patio furniture with a cool drink is a joyous treat.


With summers being so important in childhood and even into adulthood, I will be sharing a summer series – ‘A Summer to Remember’, from childhood memories and traditions. Celebrity anchors with MSNBC, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski share stories of their love of summer during childhood.


Joe: Just about every summer growing up we’d drive across the country to visit my dad’s family in San Diego and go to Disneyland. My father was an absolute tyrant behind the wheel—he’d drive 14 hours a day with three young kids. But we really saw the country, whether it was the swamps of Louisiana, the Painted Desert, or the Hoover Dam—I wish I had a dollar for every time I had to act awed at the Hoover Dam! But we loved it

Mika: My family drove north to Maine. My parents bought a house there 45 years ago for $14,000, and they haven’t done a thing to it since. It’s a huge Victorian on the water. My mother would drive my brothers and me up there in a station wagon with a rabbit, a cat, a dog, and a snake. My ­parents still go there every August, and now I take my daughters. On the dining room wall, there is an incredible list going back to 1967 of events from each summer—you know, Mika swims across the pool or Mark catches the hugest mackerel. All the highlights of each year—the good, the bad, and the ugly—are on that wall. I honestly don’t know how we’d ever let this house go because it’s so much a part of our history

Joe: Now we go every year to Seaside, Florida. It is the one place where I can disconnect as much as I’ll ever be able to, in part because it has such terrible cell phone service. My younger kids are happy just playing in the backyard, kicking a soccer ball.

Joe: I love the Fourth of July. Since we’ve moved up north, my family drives to Hyannis Port [in Massachusetts] and takes the ferry to Nantucket. We enjoy the parade down the main street. It’s a blast for the kids; it’s about as traditional as it comes, with face-painting and water balloon fights. And there are fireworks at night. I associate the summer with ribs, but as I’ve gotten older and started eating better, I absolutely love vegetables—how ripe the ­tomatoes and corn are—and how everything comes alive. I love it!

Mika: My favorite thing about summer is lobster dinners at our house in Maine with a lot of vodka. We ask all the kids around the table—at this point, there are five grandchildren—what their favorite part of the day was. It’s always something wayward, fun, and whimsical: a massive jellyfish attack or the time the dog jumped in the water. That’s the moment when I say to myself, “Wow, finally, for one second, time has stopped and I can just take a breath and think about how wonderful life is.”




Source: Community Table

Photography: Shima Studios


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