A Summer Bucket List

It is a balance with our summers. We want to take advantage of the warm weather for activities, as well as have some lazy days. With oodles of ideas, lists can be a mile long. But with keeping focus and intention, we can create a summer full of memories.

Unplug and unwind. I think that is the intention of our list. Be present. This is the focus.

With keeping these in mind, we plan our activities for the summer. For many other families, couples or individuals, the focus and intention can center around variety of words like… fun, adventure, growth, meaning, comfort, nature, family, connection, spirituality, experiences, reading, animals, relaxation, etc. It is your own personal and family household agenda.

While making a list, we consider it to be a ‘loose’ list. If it happens… wonderful! If it does not happen, not to worry. It is just a list and not a challenge.


Here are just a few of our thoughts…

  • Hike the trails that are favorites
  • Spend many summer nights with friends by the fire, watching sunsets and listening to music
  • Try stand-up paddle boarding on the lake
  • Spend a week at the family farm to hang out with siblings and cousins
  • Sleep with the windows open for the cool breezes
  • Go to beaches to look for treasures and build sand castles


Photography: FreePeople Blog







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