Secret Girls Night

There is something to be said about the excitement and nervousness of the unknown. I just love the feeling of not knowing… but equally feel the same about being the one in the loop about knowing a secret.

Secrets can be fun. Especially with your girlfriends – no matter at what age. A tradition has started with our small group of girlfriends to go on a Secret Girls Night each month as a get together. This idea just evolved after one of us thinking it would be fun to plan a surprise get together with it being a secret, and it just took off. Each of us rotate around to plan an outing to do or go somewhere. The others are told only about the cost (if any), what to wear, pick up/meeting point, date and time. It is usually made for an evening or afternoon.

A invite would come across as this:

Your invited to a Secret Girls Night: May 30 at 6:00pm. Wear casual clothes to donate. Cost $30 – $40. Meet at my place for pickup.

For this time, I planned an evening to paint ceramics with the girls. I bring food, snacks and drinks for the evening to just sit down, enjoy each other’s conversation and be creative. It is something we look forward to and be intrigued about. And there is nothing wrong to add a little bit of mystery into life!



Photography: Amy Christie from This Heart of Mine


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