Rituals of Pleasure

We know the world is a busy place and getting busier. Our challenge is to slow down and enjoy the moment. To achieve this, a practice of a ‘ritual’ can be embraced everyday. A ritual of something that fills you with happiness and joy to awaken and be present. A ritual of pleasure. This one ritual can be very simple and small.

  • Reading a chapter in a book
  • Listening to music getting ready for the day
  • A daily visit
  • Coffee or tea in morning or afternoon
  • Having a lit candle in a work space
  • Shower with an invigorating body wash
  • 5 minute meditation or stretching
  • A phrase or self affirmation
  • A workout, walking or running
  • Going outside and sitting
  • Creating a special ‘space’ for your ritual of nothing or something

These are just a few thoughts, but whichever you choose to think of, it is important as a ritual to have it around the same time of day, each day to enjoy the benefits of pleasure.

Tara is a lover of rituals and with Nourish and Nest,  her new beautiful on-line store shares her passion and philosophy from simply lighting a candle to knitting.  This allows her to share the concepts of enjoying small rituals, embracing simplicity and finding beauty in the everyday.


MugPromo-2IMG_9290NourishNest-1Source: Tara with Nourish and Nest Photography: Tara


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