Parent & Child Dates

Time is precious. We all know that. For many children, it is the quality time spent with each other that is the most important. We understand that as parents, but do we really try to practice it. There are forms of time spent with family vacations and various sport or art activities, but slowing down and catching yourself to really look at how you make an impact on true relationship building and communication with your child is something to reflect on.

I catch myself quite often falling into this automatic routine of hectic schedules of racing from one activity to the next with the kids, worrying about to do lists, etc. It is all part of life. As a practice, I schedule time in our calendars to do one-on-one Parent & Child Dates. I would plan either Mother & Daughter, Mother & Son, Father & Daughter or Father & Son mix ups once a month. It has been our monthly tradition to do these dates with the value of time to learn about and from each other. It is an investment of memories and developing little characters into awesome people! No matter how simple to do something at home or elaborate to go out for an afternoon… it all counts.


Courtney calls Southern California home and loves being a wife and mommy. She writes A Thoughtful Place and loves dates. Courtney enjoys some of these dates with her daughter as a tradition.

“So these special days are really important to just appreciate my daughter as an individual. I love hearing about what is important to her, what her hopes are, who she likes at school, how she felt giving her report. It’s all mundane but in the end it’s really what makes us who we are. It’s the little things that add up to the whole. We had a fun afternoon tea planned. It’s a fun excuse to get dressed up and enjoy each other’s company. My mom used to take me for tea and it’s a tradition I am thrilled to continue.”

“I hope that my daughter always realizes just how special and unique she is. In this crazy world, it’s easy to lose sight of all that is important and good. She is good. And she is important. And I am so grateful to be her mommy.”




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