Game Night : Friday Night

Games. We all love to play them and enjoy the casual atmosphere of relaxing around a table with family and friends. This form of entertainment has been one of the oldest forms of human social interaction for thousands of years and a part of all cultures.

Games capture the ideas and worldviews of their cultures and pass them on to the next generation. From card games to board games, there are hundreds to choose from. With our family, we set up part of the night with the kids to do simple board games. Later in the evening, we bring out the strategy or comic relief games with the adults. It is an enjoyable tradition to spend with both our children and friends in bonding time and great conversation.


Jenna Woginrich with Cold Antler Farm lives in Jackson, New York. As a couple, she has a new tradition that is a hit. Friends come over for a potluck dinner and a game.

“We eat good, home cooked, farm-raised food and the games are not what you will find on most mall shelves. No darling, we play awesome games. The kind of games that win German awards for making you fall in love with meeples…. that’s Game Night. We drink and laugh and talk seeds and piglets between sips of hard cider and spoonfuls of soup hand-crafted by a chef fit for a bistro menu. It is high class geek fantastico.”

“For those of you already writing this off as lame. I get it. If you are (like I was) suspect about board games and convinced they are horrible time sucks and boring traps, I can not suggest Wil Wheaton’s Youtube Show, Table Top enough. The games this show features are not your run-of-the-mill games. They are clever, super fun, usually European imports. Some are more about storytelling or role playing and others are really all about dice and chance, but all of them are awesome. I say this as someone who can not sit through a game of Monopoly and avoids any dinner party where Scattergories or Win Lose or Draw is mentioned. I refused to play board games for years because that was all I knew. But now I watch TableTop every Thursday and have bought several of the games featured it in. Each of these fancy games costs anywhere from ten to fifty dollars but I don’t see that as anything but an investment. I can buy a game like Catan once and host endless dinner parties with great friends and never get tired of it. The most commonly played games here are Settlers of Catan, Zombie Dice, Tsuro and Gloom. But I just got my hands on that game Agricola, which is as daunting as it is exciting. I am upping my gamer ante with that one…”

“So tonight is Game Night. It’s an institution. I have dinner in the crock pot and at least six people showing up.I feel like I’m getting ready for the school dance, all wound up over the chance and laughs.”

“Consider possibly setting up a homestead game night of your own, wherever you are. It’s a great way to really connect with people, learn about them, and enjoy a night. I feel like we don’t spend enough time with our friends away from screens and dinner tables. To eat a good meal and then retire for a night of high-stakes laughter and harmless ribbing at old inside jokes is a blast. It makes the food taste better and the community stronger. It’s here to stay!”




Photography: Marc with Fantastic Board Games


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