Strawberry Pickin’

Katie Stratton is a girl from Ohio, raising two little ones,  Max and Phoebe or “bee” along with her husband Matt. She keeps her beautiful blog, Katie’s Pencil Box,  to remember and celebrate the little things and to keep proper perspective. “It’s a place to tuck away the treasures from our everyday.”  She shares a story of her tradition as a little girl and now passing it on with her own children.

“The strawberry fields are finally open for picking. it’s a tradition that i like to keep…remembering how much i loved going with my mom and sisters when i was a girl. my sister, amy and her boys came along and despite max going to sit in the car 5 minutes into picking…my nephew juju trance eating berries…and bee putting everything but strawberries in our bucket (dirt, crayons, her baby doll)…we made a memory! and nothing is sweeter than that, especially when it comes with a bucket full of strawberries warm from the sun on the side.”



Photography: Katie Stratton


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