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Oatmeal Mornings

Oatmeal (or porridge) as been a staple in homes for thousands of years – since 1000BC, and today over aView full post »

Money Cakes

As a child, birthdays are very important. Growing bigger into another age is significant to children, in which theyView full post »

Secret Girls Night

There is something to be said about the excitement and nervousness of the unknown. I just love the feeling of notView full post »

Strawberry Pickin’

Katie Stratton is a girl from Ohio, raising two little ones,  Max and Phoebe or “bee” along with herView full post »

Game Night : Friday Night

Games. We all love to play them and enjoy the casual atmosphere of relaxing around a table with family and friends. ThisView full post »

Tosset Cakes

There is a forgotten food dating back over 700 years ago called the Tosset Cake. This little spiced biscuit dates backView full post »

A Blessingway

Imagine you are pregnant, your baby due very soon and you are surrounded by your closest friends. They gather to honorView full post »

Parent & Child Dates

Time is precious. We all know that. For many children, it is the quality time spent with each other that is the mostView full post »

Birthday Bucket List

Lists are wonderful. They keep you focused and on task. The favorite part is where something gets crossed off.  View full post »

Rituals of Pleasure

We know the world is a busy place and getting busier. Our challenge is to slow down and enjoy the moment. To achieveView full post »

Cozy Friday : Fredagsmys

In Sweden, on Friday evenings, there is a special ritual that takes place. Jennie, a native and regularView full post »

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a holiday honoring motherhood that is observed in different forms throughout the world. The AmericanView full post »

Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo simply means the date of the holiday — the fifth of May.  There are numerous ways to enjoy MexicanView full post »

Off to the Races : The Kentucky Derby

On the first Saturday in May at Louisville’s Churchill Downs, it is known that the Kentucky Derby is the “View full post »

Let Them Eat Cake : Weekend Rituals

Weekend rituals are the best to unwind from the week of busy schedules and work. We look forward to the time of solace,View full post »