Snail Mail

While watching movies such as Jane Eyre, Anne of Green Gables or The Patriot, they show us a time of receiving beautiful handwritten letters. They were handled with care and read with gratitude and appreciation. It would take weeks and in some cases months, to receive a message from our loved ones. It was a lifeline and our primary form of communication. The use of calligraphy, handwriting, seals, paper and ink writing these letters was a incredible skill and an art form.

Today, in our world of emails, texts and social media, it is rare to receive a handwritten note or letter from a friend or family member. I believe that is why it makes it very special when you receive one. It can brighten a persons day more than we may know. As a child, I had a couple Penpals across the world to interact with. It was always a delight to receive a special note, photographs or a small gift in the mail. I would recommend International Pen Friends or Letter Writers Alliance to start a friendship the old fashioned way. For another outlet, you can subscribe to a Sticker Club through Pipsticks to start a colourful and creative correspondence.

Kates Creative Space has written about her family starting a ritual about letter writing. She has a love for letters and the abiding magic of good things in the post. Kate delights in receiving mail and has gradually been gathering together supplies to make it easier to create pretty cards or scribble little notes in the moment she or her family thinks of it, before life rushes on and the distracted hunt for a stamp or an envelope causes her to abandon her good intentions. Her son Harry, has started to enjoy this idea.





“I’ve made Harry a Box of Letters which contains all sorts of lovely things for making and sending letters and cards to grandparents, family and friends – and even to us.  It’s helping him with his writing and means we can distribute the growing pile of artwork somewhat more widely.. and also has the bonus of generating letters in reply, which he adores.”

“I made the storage box out of an old shoe box, and designed the picture below for the top.  Now we have our correspondence kit in hand for whenever inspiration strikes!  I think one of these would make a lovely gift too for anyone young or old with a passion for stationery and lovely things.”



Source: Kates Creative Space

Photography: Kate


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