We all enjoy thinking about our happy moments in our childhood and past experiences. To watch an old 80’s rerun, hear a popular 70’s song or even taste a candy from being a kid, triggers an association in our minds and links it to the past in a positive reaction. An appreciation of how we lived, by being more simple and carefree contributes to why we collect things, buy things and do things, all in association to our past. It brings us those warm fuzzy feelings of comfort, happiness, joy and love.

Nostalgia is a way for us to tap into the past experiences that we have that are quite meaningful.


A beautiful magazine publication with The Pretty Nostalgic Society, is about hands-on living, heartfelt giving and mindful consumption inspired by the past.

“We are a group of history and vintage-loving souls, who delight in our brilliantly British lifestyle. We try to live in a creative and sustainable way, enjoy crafting, making, baking, growing, sewing, brewing, preserving, foraging, upcycling and what’s more we love sharing our skills with others. We are not about giving up technology and permanently time warping back to the 1940s (not unless you want to of course!).”

“We feel that modern ways aren’t always good and that old-fashioned ways weren’t always bad; we strive to find a balance and to live in a way that makes us proud and fills us with a sense of achievement and pleasure rather than purely existing in an out-of-control world, dictated to by others, feeling unsatisfied and surrounded by mass consumer tat! We are committed to supporting independent British makers, small independent shops and businesses and those who supply handmade, vintage, antique or upcycled goods and services. We want to put our hard-earned cash into the hands of those who deserve it!”



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