Gourmet S’mores : Friday Night

The season is getting warmer in many parts of the world. To celebrate the beginning of spring and the warm weather, plan an evening outside making little marshmallow creations around a bonfire. The cool air of the evening quickly disappears while roasting these little treats. With an assortment of chocolates, nuts, fruit and biscuits, wafers or cookies, these gourmet s’mores are creative and delicious.  Children can enjoy concocting their own personal varieties and can even have tasting contests. Kelly Smith with Cloudy Day Grey has discovered this idea for her family with many combinations.

  • Raspberries with dark chocolate
  • Banana with coconut, walnuts and chocolate
  • Peanut butter cups with peanuts
  • Mint chocolate thins
  • Strawberries with milk chocolate

Add your gourmet s’more creations to a bowl of French vanilla ice cream with added hot fudge or caramel sauce for more sugar overload.



Source: Cloudy Day Grey
Photography: Kelly Smith


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