Easter Time 1966

Linda Hundt established Sweetie-licious Bakery Café in 2002, as a home-based business, selling her fare at farm markets and high-end restaurants. The business has grown into a retail space in Michigan, and the entire business is based on nostalgia through the business’ mission:

“To celebrate love, tradition, and people through good food; to make our friends (customers) feel revered; to offer delicious, homemade pies, baked goods, preservesand comfort foods, specialty merchandise and cooking classes in a happy, loving and nostalgic ambience; to honor tradition by means of honoring our elderly through community service projects and contributions.”


Linda has a love for traditions and nostalgia. She shares her story of her Easter memories as a child in 1966.


“Easter time equates to me, green grass, pretty dresses, yummy ham, cream pies, sunshine, and eggs – dyed, chocolate, deviled, pickled and plastic filled! I remember being very excited about my Easter dresses, hats, and white gloves! Loved the gloves, I still love wearing them to events when I can pull it off! Still love a darling dress too – I have a collection of retro ones – and am always charmed by a sweet sundress!”

“Our Easter basket tradition was a little different than most, as opposed to each of us five kids having our own basket, we all shared a very large one. It was mostly filled with jellybeans, yet some years we got a chocolate bunny, silly putty and/or a comic book. I always envied the kids who got to “find” their own basket on Easter morning filled with lot of chocolate eggs, kites, bubble bath, and such. To me; however, our yummy dinner and the pie easily made up for our lackluster Easter basket.”

“Church was always special…I remember it as beautiful; filled with Easter lilies and everyone dressed in their Easter best! At that age, I remember church being especially long, when all I could think about was the dinner and the Easter egg hunt that awaited me at home! Now, I appreciate Easter and how my faith has always inspired and renewed each season, and how stirred I am to do His work with love.”

“But, food for me was, and is always, my favorite part of any holiday, and Easter is no exception. My family had a traditional ham marinated in Vernors ginger ale and adorned with pineapple rings and cloves, creamy scalloped potatoes, orange-pineapple Jello mold, peas and carrots, seven-layer salad, pickled and deviled eggs and of course, pie! My mother usually made cream pies for Easter – lemon and coconut cream were family favorites!”

“In the picture shown, circa 1966 or so, my family is posing at my dear Aunt Margie’s farm on a lovely Easter Sunday! I smile every time I see this picture, as it was obviously taken before today’s slick cameras. The “hatchet head” was a common problem for many picture takers back then, especially my Aunt Margie. She was always cutting someone’s head off, such as my poor daddy’s! I also love this picture because it shows how everyone got dressed up back then! I am not sure why dressing up for events has fallen out of favor, but I sure wish people would respect all the special events in our lives and dress up for them.”

“Let’s remember Easter, as we did in the past and make it lovely with a grateful heart, an inspired spirit, a yummy dinner, a delicious pie, and/or a new dress or tie! :)”



Source: Linda Hundt


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