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Easter Time 1966

Linda Hundt established Sweetie-licious Bakery Café in 2002, as a home-based business, selling her fare at farmView full post »


Ohigan literally means “the other shore” in Buddhist terminology. It is two periods of seven days with theView full post »

Gourmet S’mores : Friday Night

The season is getting warmer in many parts of the world. To celebrate the beginning of spring and the warm weatherView full post »

Easter Lunch Box

We all enjoy a good, healthy lunch with great company… especially when it is themed with wholesome goodness.View full post »

Easter Baskets : Interviews & Stories

The history of the Easter Basket, actually has pagan roots. Ancient farmers depended on their livestock and crops for aView full post »

A Pineapple Welcome

When welcoming a new neighbor or visiting a friend, you can bring them a pineapple as a symbol of friendship andView full post »

Snail Mail

While watching movies such as Jane Eyre, Anne of Green Gables or The Patriot, they show us a time of receivingView full post »

Nowruz : First Day of Spring

For many, when we think of Spring’s arrival… we think… fresh, new, alive. It feels like a big stretchView full post »

Home Cooking

My father was a farmer and my mother spent her time being at home with the children in the early years and went off toView full post »


We all enjoy thinking about our happy moments in our childhood and past experiences. To watch an old 80’s rerunView full post »

Black & White Classics : Friday Night

Enjoying the movie classics, such as Casablanca, King Kong, Gone with the Wind, Cool Hand Luke or Roman Holiday can be aView full post »

Paddy’s Day Picnic

Imen McDonnell formerly lived in the Unites States, and fell in love with an Irish farmer, which now lives inView full post »

Morning : Daily Rituals

It was Beethoven, who roused his creative muse by splashing water all around his flat every morning to start theView full post »

Bingo : Friday Night

B-I-N-G-O! With children and adults alike, many love playing the game bingo. It is a traditional game that stood theView full post »

Mimi & Oddur : Interviews & Stories

Mimi Thorisson and her Icelandic photographer husband, Oddur, live in Medoc, France with their four children. Mimi hasView full post »

Kladdkaka – Swedish Chocolate Cake

I love cake. I think baking a cake is a beautiful and patient process. There are so many flavors, textures, shapes,View full post »

Elderly Advice

With age comes wisdom. We have all heard it, but do we all really value it. Many cultures and countries have differentView full post »

Birthday Bumps

I remember getting the birthday bumps all throughout my childhood years in the 80’s and tried to outrun gettingView full post »

Welcome Holi

Bid the grey of winter a relieved farewell and welcome spring with a burst of color. The roots of this increasinglyView full post »