Love Day + Love Languages : Date Night

We are all ruled by love and our hearts. It is the most important universal word. LOVE. Everything leads to it. Even to think that the heart is the first organ to form during the development of the body is truly meaningful in how we work and think.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the world on February 14th. Though its history is not entirely known, it is most likely Roman in origin, and may find its roots in martyred lovers and spring festivals. It is a special day to show appreciation through thoughtful and kind gestures… however grand or small they may be.  It is also a day that gives us reflection and opens up gratitude towards one another.

In the preparation of leading up to this Love Day… there is a large variety of ways in how we display our romantic affections. Being gifts, time or service, it does take some deep thought to understand each other and present a display of this caring and honor.  In creating date night rituals or gift giving, here are 5 questions to think about in learning love language:

  1. Does he/she like things being done for them?
  2. Does he/she enjoy gifts?
  3. Does he/she like quality time in a thoughtful activity?
  4. Does he/she love cuddling and touch?
  5. Does he/she enjoy hearing words of devotion and appreciation?

Service, Gifts, Time, Touch or Affirmation… which word does he/she gravitate to the most? If you do not know… maybe this can be asked? Once you find out, you can use this power word to start grand or small rituals based on love.

Happy Love Day!



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