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France. The country of love. Valentine’s Day in France is known as la Saint-Valentin and despite being celebrated, it not much of a commercial affair and a bit discreet.  La Saint-Valentin is a romantic day, a day to express your love, but here is where one of the most striking differences occurs; it is really only for adults.  Children do not make Valentine crafts and give gifts or cards to their parents, friends or teachers.  Parents do not give cards or gifts to their kids.

Romantic couples express their love for each other by giving flowers or small presents, booking a romantic meal or even a weekend away but they do not send cards.  French people like to celebrate in person, not through the means of the written word and the most popular thing to do for Valentine’s Day is a weekend away, followed by a meal in a restaurant and giving flowers.

It is known to be the country of love since right in the heart of France, there is a village called St Valentin, which has effectively marketed itself as the capital of love, le village des amoureux.   People come from all over the world to renew their vows, declare their love, or get married in the town of St Valentin.  There is a blessing in the church, a lovers’ certificate-giving ceremony, festive romantic meals and a ball in the evening.

If you are looking for a new way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, create a French theme for your special day and surprise your loved one with a French evening. Serve French bread and cheese between the dinner and indulge in a delectable French dessert, and have maybe have some romantic French music playing in the background all evening. Don’t forget to set the table in a French way, which is to say that the table should look like art: complete with a tablecloth, cloth napkins, a tasteful centerpiece, and an array of cutlery and glasses suitable for each course you will serve.



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