A DIY Workshop Date

Workshop dates are things I do when I want to explore or learn. At times, life can be hectic, but also routine. To break the mold, refresh and reconnect, these DIY workshop dates are great for a morning, afternoon or an evening to sit with a friend or two and enjoy great conversation, make memories and learn a thing or two. Over the years, I have taken time for myself to schedule a few of these workshops over the course of a year… but now, it has turned into a special time with building new friendships or reconnecting with your partner or children.

Connecting with your local community through artist programs or markets provides a depth of information for many DIY Workshops. In Calgary, Alberta, one example of our local artist groups, Market Collective has provided very creative workshops over the years and continues to flourish with fresh projects.   If you do some research, you can find jewelry making, building your own terrarium, creating your own teas, lotion and balm making… the list goes on.  I even found a workshop to build your own outdoor pizza oven.

Enjoy planning these DIY workshop dates into monthly or annual traditions with friends, family or even… yourself.



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