Monthly Archives: February 2015

Unwind with Wine & Cheese : Friday Night

It is so nice to kick off those shoes at the end of a work week and rest into an evening at home. Some want to beView full post »

Book Baskets

With each season, we look forward to hearing and learning what is happening during those three months within the yearView full post »

Sarah’s Biscuits

Sarah Murphy-Kangas from In Praise of Leftovers has a wonderful morning tradition she shares with her family and friendsView full post »

A DIY Workshop Date

Workshop dates are things I do when I want to explore or learn. At times, life can be hectic, but also routine. ToView full post »

The Oscar Awards Night

For many, the enjoyment of watching the glitz and glamour of celebrities are a highlight to the Oscars. It is a worldView full post »

Why Traditions?

This is a question I have pondered for a very long time. So many things we do in our lives keep us coming back toView full post »

Cookie Boxes : Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year celebrates a week of family meals and visits, with gift-giving and money-receiving which thereforeView full post »

French Love : Around The World

France. The country of love. Valentine’s Day in France is known as la Saint-Valentin and despite being celebratedView full post »

Valentine Card Making

In a digital age where e-cards, email and texts are a click away, many still long for the old feel of opening up anView full post »

Love Day + Love Languages : Date Night

We are all ruled by love and our hearts. It is the most important universal word. LOVE. Everything leads to it. Even toView full post »

Grandma’s Luncheon

Everyone loves Grandma. At least that is what I usually hear from children. Grandmothers are very important and specialView full post »