Tree Hunting

In the spirit of the holiday season, tree hunting with friends and family during a warm winter afternoon in December, is a lovely way to spend a day. The fresh crisp air upon our faces and the smell of the wild woods add to the adventure and excitement of finding the perfect Christmas tree to have on display in our homes.

In mountain country, Alberta, Canada, the Samuelson Family along with their friends, venture out every year as their holiday tradition to spend the day searching for Christmas trees, tobogganing, building a campfire and having lunch. The day starts off with kids and’ kid-like’ adults grabbing their sleds and going down hills for a few runs or being pulled for a longer ride, to enjoy the adrenaline rush and joy of a sleigh ride. After, families start to break apart and the hunt is on. The huge forest is open to your selection! Once a tree is found (which can take several minutes, to a couple hours), it is cut and brought back to camp to have a fire and enjoy an outdoor potluck lunch.

*Remember to get a tree permit from your local town or city before heading out – this also shows you areas where you can cut down your trees.


Tree Hunting 1Tree Hunting 2Tree Hunting 4Tree Hunting 6Tree Hunting 3Tree Hunting 7Tree Hunting 8Tree Hunting 10Tree Hunting 11Tree Hunting 13Tree Hunting 12

Family: The Samuelson family and friends
Location: Alberta, Canada
Photography: Shima Studios


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