Sugar Dome Rush

A cake competition gets our creative juices flowing and allows life to get alittle messy for an afternoon. The kitchen is full of laughter, yummy smells and moments of genius. Children really get excited with these projects…


This event has started annually for the int’veld Family from Alberta, Canada. It involves the whole family and is a perfect way to spend an afternoon or evening together. They choose one holiday out of the year to have a competition. The competition is called Sugar Dome Rush. Family and friends are invited to partake in creating the most elaborate cake and get judged. The children love this, as they get to be most involved in the creation.

This year they have chosen Halloween to be the theme and holiday. There are a set of rules to follow: 1. have a title/theme for cake, 2. cake needs to be completed in 2 hours, 3. the entire cake needs to be edible, 4. a surpise ingredient needs to be added 1 hour into the event. A judge is named to mark on best design.


Sugar DomeSugar Dome 2Sugar Dome 3Sugar Dome 4Sugar Dome 5Sugar Dome 6Sugar Dome 1Sugar Dome 7

Family: int’veld Family
Location: Airdrie, Alberta, Canada
Photography: Shima Studios


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