Spooky Dinner

A themed dinner for Halloween is a festive evening with family and friends. Some menu items can be pretty unappealling to the eye, but the taste can sure surprise you! Adding a bit more fun once a year to create something ‘different’ makes for good conversation, creativity and children absolutely love it.


The int’veld Family in Alberta, Canada, hosted their Annual Spooky Dinner evening with family and friends the weekend before Halloween. The menu was to die for… each couple would bring in their creation to devour. From bloody finger breadstick appetizers to cauliflower brain with beet guts, it was a spooky night to remember.


Spooky DinnerSpooky Dinner 1Spooky Dinner 2

Family: int’veld Family
Location: Airdrie, Alberta, Canada
Photography: Shima Studios


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